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Listings and packages on are absolutely FREE! It is a simple process to register your listing or package. See further details below about the different types of listings and packages.

Please note that for business listings, events and packages, Destination Ontario will review and translate all new content into French for you. Once translations and approvals are complete, your listing will be posted to



Tourism Business Listings

Promote your business for free. Through an easy registration process, your tourism business listing may be viewed by millions of potential visitors. Listings feature a large image, descriptions, Google mapping functionality, social channels and much more.

To list your business you will need to log in to your account on this site with your username and password, then click on ‘Manage Business Listing’ to submit your business listing information and review the Guidelines and Criteria for Tourism Business Listings.

For tourism business listing(s) assistance, please email


Festival and Event Listings

A festival or event is a tourism function that has a definite start date, end date, and is located in Ontario. You may submit any number of tourism related events. For example, a theatre may have one listing for the theatre as a business, and one event record for each play. Like business listings, events will be published on our consumer public website, for FREE.

To list your festival or event you will need to log in to your account on this site with your username and password, then click on ‘'Manage Events" to submit your event listing information and review the Guidelines and Criteria for Tourism Event Listings.

For event listing(s) assistance, please email


Experiential Package Listings

An experiential package listing is a one-page advertisement for a value-added offer comprised of more than one component, with a start and end date. Your experiential package listing will appear on, FREE of charge.

Entering packages for is a simple process. To register for free package listing(s), click on the REGISTER NOW button, located on the light gray bar under the TRAVEL TRADE tab.  Await our Administrator approval within 24 hours, and then log in with your username and password to submit your package listing.

Once a package is entered it takes about five days for it to be reviewed, approved and translated before it is live on the site. Packages come down from the site once the End Date has passed, but remains in your account; you can edit or add new packages at any time. Even if you do not have packages that align to a current or upcoming theme, this is a good time to review your packages and make any necessary edits or add new offers. Please review the Package Listing Guidelines and Criteria prior to submitting your package.

For package listing(s) assistance, please email